LET THE DEAD SPEAK: The Lost Memoirs of Billy Harrow

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A novel by Jeremiah Duncan.

A found journal in an abandoned building in the small town of Winchester, Kentucky has recently raised some questions. The stories of the Harrow family in the late 1800s through the early 1900s in that town were once buried and never spoken of again by the citizens. The stories within those leather bound pages are fascinating, yet at times far fetched. It blurs the lines between reality and fantasy. The author breaks down the journal entries into story for and tells the story of Billy Harrow. Billy believes in the afterlife and the ability to connect with those who have passed. His grandmother has shown him the truth of what's beyond this physical world. When Billy's grandmother passes away, he wants nothing more than to be able to speak with her again. And he will speak with her again even if it means sending someone to the other side to reach her.

This is the first novel release by Blood Witch Unlimited. 258 pages in English.

Support underground darkness. Look within.

"...takes a very twisted, psychopathic turn... very good, very effective, very creepy... definitely recommend this book." - Horror Reads

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